Hi Guys, If  You See This Page Then I Am little Sure That You Are Curious About This WEB-SITE owner.So this is My BIO.

About ME : 

My Name is Shivam Dixit,And I am a professional blogger.HD Movie Point is my accidentlly Idea,where i am going to make Huge Amount of Entertainment in front of You. My little Project About Hacking Which is in http://LearnHack.in and You can say Founder or CEO of LearnHack.in.I am passionated of all time Hacking and New Techs.I have 5 years of Working Experienced.I am Also learning All time Related to SEO,WEB Develpoement ,Programming Language (i.e                     C#,NET,JAVA,C,PYTHON,C,C++,HTML5,CSS).You Can Take me On Social Media :
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